16 września 1941 r. - plut. Aleksander Chudek (315 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek plut. Aleksandra Chudka (wówczas pilota 315 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Dęblińskiego") z walki w dniu 16 września 1941 r.:

Sgt Chudek.

C) Date. 16/9/41.

D) Squadron. 315 (Polish).

E) No. of e/a. Approx. 8

F) Type of e/a. Me.109E & F's.

G) Time of attack. 1830 hours.

H) Place of attack. North of St. Omer.

J) Height of e/a. 26,000 ft.

K) Enemy casualties. 1 Me.109F probably destroyed.

L) Our casulaties, a/c. Nil.

M) " " Personnel. Nil.


At about 25,000 ft. at approximately 1840 near St. Omer, whilst flying with Sgt. Cwynar I saw three Me.109E's on my port side and I attacked close behind Sgt. Cwynar. Just as I was going to open fire I saw one 109 in flames, which appeared to be the one attacked by Sgt. Cwynar. I opened fire with m/g and cannon at the next aircraft and observed black smoke coming from it, but I could not see what happened because I lost conciousness and only regained it at 8,000 feet having managed to bring my aircraft out of a spin, but at this moment I saw on my port side a 109 burining well. My attack was made from above almost vertical onto the aircraft from very short range, and I am positive that this aircraft must have been destroyed.

Rounds fired: - Cannon 35 + 35 M/g 200

Signed /-/

315 Squadron.

dokumenty z Instytutu Polskiego i Muzeum Sikorskiego w Londynie