9 kwietnia 1945 r. - kpt. Józef Żulikowski (306 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek kpt. Józefa Żulikowskiego (wówczas pilota 306 Dywizjonu My¶liwskiego "Toruńskiego") z walki w dniu 9 kwietnia 1945 r.:


A. 9.4.45

B. 306 and 309 (Polish) Squadrons.

C. Mustang IIIs.

D. 1543 - 1937.

E. 1755.

F. 15 miles West of Hamburg.

G. 18,000 feet.

H. 18,000 feet.

I. Nil.

J. 3 ME 262s destroyed. 2 ME 262s damaged.

K. Personal narrative to include all details of tactical value.

S/L. Zulikowski. 306 Squadron.

On the way back from the target at approximately 1800 hrs I heard on the R/T. warning of approaching ME 262s. One minute later I saw a ME 262 approx. 2,000-3,000 feet below amongst the bombers, I dived towards this ME 262 which flew up the bombers stream, turned and flew back, flying then head-on to the bombers. I fired at this ME 262 from approx. 200 yards 90-60 degrees deflection and the E/A dived away. Then I saw three ME 262s attacking the bombers from the rear. As I turned back I saw two bombers on fire. These three ME 262s turned to port, diving slightly. I chose the nearest E/A firing several bursts from approx. 800 yards, observing strikes on the fuselage. I claim one ME 262 destroyed.

(Signed) S/L. Zulikowski. 306 Squadron.

W/O Murkowski 1 ME 262 Destroyed 1 ME 262 Damaged. Rounds fired 960.

F/Lt. Gorzula 1 ME 262 Destroyed. Rounds fired 240.

F/Lt. Mencel. 1 ME 262 Destroyed. Rounds fired 680.

S/Ldr. Zulikowski 1 ME 262. Destroyed. Rounds fired 550.



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