9 października 1942 r. - por. Józef Gil (306 Dywizjon)

Poniższy tekst to meldunek por. Józefa Gila (wówczas pilota 306 Dywizjonu Myśliwskiego "Toruńskiego") z walki w dniu 9 października 1942 r.:


A. Date: 9/10/42.

B. Unit: No. 306 (Polish) Squadron.

C. Type of aircraft: Spitfire IX.

D. Time of attack: About 10.00 hours.

E. Place of attack: Audrique-Cassel.

F. Weather:

G. Our Casualties, aircraft: Nil.

J. Enemy casualties in air combat: 1 F.W.190 destroyed. 1 Me.109 damaged.

K. Enemy casualties, ground or sea targets: Nil.

General: I was Leader of the Port Section, and I saw two Me. 109F or G's make to attack the Fortresses. I did a left roll, dived and attached the 2nd one, firing a burst from 100 yards beam attack. The E/A turned over and went into a vertical dive with two streams of white smoke coming from it. I claim this E/A as damaged. This E/A was not a Me. 109E but the silhouette of the wing was like unlike the 109F. I climbed back and rejoined my Squadron seeing Fortresses being attacked by 5 F.W.190's. I attacked one from 300 yards giving a short burst from astern and above a second burst from dead astern at 70 yards and again from 150 yards astern and above. I saw fire break out under the fuselage and the pilot bale out, parachute opening shorty afterwards. I claim this E/A as destroyed. Landed at Northolt at 10.30.

I fired 2 X 140 Cannon, and 2 X 200m m/g.

/-/ F/Lt.

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